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Want to build muscle mass? You might want to read this

Gaining muscle mass without too much training:

What? I can see you gaping. That is not even remotely possible, you think. Well, let me tell you, gaining more and more muscle mass and also retaining the gained muscle mass is not attributable to excessive training only. It hinges a lot also on your nutritional intake. And when somebody who has been in the field for ten years and longer and been in news for training the Hollywood actors and actresses tells you that; you do nothing but dutifully believe him!

Why nutrition is always given a go-by? The reality is that nutrition and small amounts of exercise are all that you need to lose weight and gain muscle. Here are 21 tips to get healthier that we enjoyed

  1. The people who train hard are ignorant about the benefits of the right nutrition and therefore they stay blissfully unaware: which also means that they do not have the right mentor who would also tell them the advantages of taking the right food and the right amount of food while simultaneously sweating out on the floor.
  1. The issue of nutrition is too complicated and therefore they purposely avoid it: this is sadly the case of fifty percent of gym goers who find nutrition and food calculation so confusing that they rather not break their head over it and spend time pumping more and more weights.

The result:

The result of course is really disappointing. The person will keep wondering for a better part of his life why he couldnt gain enough muscle mass as he fancied or even if he did, why couldnt he retain it for a very long time.

Knowledge on nutrition is a must:

Nutrition and its nitty gritties are a must know for everyone. Whether it is a person who wants to gain muscle mass or a person who wants to lose his belly and hip fats, everyone must make an honest attempt to assess his or her nutritional intake. The knowledge of the right nutrition and the right amount of nutrition will and does make a big difference in meeting or breaking the persons fitness goals.

Here is a list of foods that not only will help anyone build up on their muscle mass but I promise will also give you a low down on why you must see that these are included in your diet whenever you are working out.

  1. Beef:

Beef has all the ingredients that are important for muscle growth. For instance all varieties of B complex vitamins and some of the most important minerals like zinc, iron and proteins. Beef, apparently has the highest quality of proteins which in combination with amino acids is instrumental in promoting muscle growth.

For people gearing to shed some weight lean beef is what should be preferred. It has three times the protein content at less than half the amount of calories of a bowl of green beans!

  1. Chicken:

Can you even imagine the number of ways chicken can be cooked? It is this versatility and of course the good quality of protein that it contains that it is the best bet for people who want to gain muscles. The fact that it is also easy to clean and cook gives it some extra brownie points.

  1. Cottage cheese:

The variety of cheese that is made by separating the moisture from the curds has the largest amount of casein protein which makes it an ideal food when you want to pump up some muscle.

  1. Eggs:

Eggs contain high amount of proteins, amino acids, all kinds of beneficial vitamins and of course a large amount of Vitamin D. eggs provide the body the energy capsule that it will need to survive the wear and tear of an intensive work out. Eating eggs daily on the days that there is work out is the real mantra to building bulgy muscular mass.

  1. Fish:

High in protein, low in calories and rich in essential omega 3 fatty acids, there is seriously nothing wrong with a daily dose of fish caught fresh from the nearest water body and eaten with the minimum of spices. Tuna is the most preferred of all fishes.

  1. Fruits and vegetables:

Fruits and vegetables when taken whole and raw provide the body with the right antioxidant to break down the food and the proteins in to amino acids and therefore it is very important that we include them daily in our meals. It also provides strong immunity to the body.

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