About Us

We are innovators:
Only a year ago, we were a motley group of five friends who hit the gym floor together and then hanged around together thereafter. When two of us seriously took to building muscles, the first thing of course was to train hard enough to be able to lose all the fats in the body. The rest of us also got interested seeing the result that the first two of them were looking at.
Hitting the peak:
Just as we were confident that we were only a few milestones away from achieving the perfectly sculptured bodies that we had dreamed of, something unexpected by us happened. All of us peaked in our performance and thereafter however hard we tried we just could not get the desired results.
Our research yielded outstanding facts:
We started our very own research by looking for information at all places, books, internet, interviewing fitness gurus world over in person, on the phone and even on Skype. What we realized bowled us over. The fact was that in our quest to build up muscles quickly, we were making the biggest mistakes of our lives. We were not providing our bodies with the right amount of proteins in particular and nutrition in general to be able to convert that in to muscle mass. And this was precisely the reason why we peaked in performance.
And so it started:
At the outset, we did not want others who are serious about their training to make the same mistake that we were making. So we started a small bistro that signs up as a chain counter for gyms. We not only help the person training with a list of dos and donts in nutrition while training but also strive to provide him the right nutrition as per the requirements of his body.
Our annual packages:
Our packages range from a period of 6months through one year. The one year package comes with two months additional supply of nutrition and goodies free. If your gym does not have our nutrition kiosk, ring in on the numbers given below. We would be glad to come and set up one that can have the potential of attracting more prospective clients to your gym.